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Imagine That! Program logoImagine That! Program logoImagine That! is our program using elements of story-telling with people who have dementia. Imagine That! uses the principles of improv, dignity, and guided theatre activities with people in order to activate their imaginations. Rosie Best, our Artistic Director, is a Certified Facilitator with the TimeSlips program.

 Actorvist (n.): One who uses their passion for the craft of theatre and aspires to influence social justice issues using those skills. Issue Box Theatre’s mission is to use elements of theatrical performance that will educate, inspire, and bring positive change by partnering with the community for social change. Actorvists is an opportunity for Young People to activate their voice based on the issues they care about. Check out more in our PROJECTS TAB.

Voices: Springing from Issue Box Theatre’s mission to partner with the community for social justice, Voices is a project to ennoble and raise up the voices of those in a particular marginalized population. Whether because of illness, status, disability, oppression, or for any other reason, Voices will be about intentional listening, empathetic responses and creative writing for the purpose of devising a theatrical performance to expel the myths, fantasies, or other damaging perceptions that exist around an issue.


Our first Voices production, under direction of Neil Powell, will consider the impact of HIV/AIDS. Issues raised will be driven by the poz community and may include: Diagnosis, fear of discovery, housing insecurity, partner politics, healthcare issues, and a multitude of disclosed concerns. Participants will be invited to share their story and assist in the creative process and or the performance of the final presentation. Informed consent will be required which outlines the intentional interactions to protect the dignity, confidentiality, and rights of the individuals involved. This project is scheduled for performance November 31 – December 2, 2018